Gorilla left entertained by soap bubbles

This is the adorable moment a six year old gorilla is left mesmerised by soap bubbles.

Yeba, who lives at Givskud Zoo in Denmark appears to be very well entertained as he catches the bubbles in his hands and runs around striking his chest.

Zoo keeper, Tina Frisk, says it’s important that the Gorillas are kept active and stimulated, so she likes to bring in surprises for them.

Tina said: “It’s clear the gorillas get something out of it because they are very ‘on’ and very alert when something unexpected happens.”

This enrichment of the gorillas can also be in the form of food or other stimulating items.

Tina said: “I always think about what I can find for the gorillas, whether it’s my own old sheet or other fun stuff from home.

“Today’s surprise was great but not every gorilla was as enthusiastic as Yeba; so it was fun while it lasted!”