Gorilla dubbed ‘viral superstar’ showcases impressive skills on air guitar

 A gorilla dubbed a ‘viral superstar’ has showcased his impressive air guitar skills.

 Richard the gorilla is a crowd favourite at his zoo in Prague in the Czech Republic and is often caught posing for the camera.

Pic by Lucie Stepnickova/Caters News

 He has become a viral sensation over the years as thousands of visitors flock to meet him – with some spectators even stating that he’s ‘the most handsome gorilla in the world.’ 

 Lucie štěpničková, 32, captured these recent images of Richard on January 24 while visiting the zoo.

 They showcase the gorilla shouting and throwing his arms in the air as though he’s using an air guitar.

Pic by Lucie Stepnickova/Caters News

The waitress said: “I caught Richard applauding and shouting. It looks like he’s singing and playing the guitar.

“I like to capture gorillas in interesting positions, I’m happy about how these photos turned out.”