Gone fishing! Shocking moment snake makes easy meal of a giant catfish

The shocking moment a snake caught and devoured a catfish has been captured on camera.

The Diamondback Water Snake was spotted by stunned photographer Beverly Heacker while she was out with her friend in Georgetown, Texas.

Pic by Beverly Heacker/Caters News

The pair had hoped to get some nice shots of birds when they spotted the extraordinary moment.

Beverly was quick to capture the incredible sequence of events as the snake, which is harmless to humans, went fishing to catch its prey before eating it alive.

The 57-year-old said: “I spotted a snake swimming almost immediately.

“I then made a comment to my friend that I had never seen a snake eat a fish and had always wanted to.

“A man fishing close by hollered to us to come over there because a snake was eating a fish, I practically ran over.

“That snake took its prey underwater where I couldn’t see it. Seconds later, another snake came up with a catfish and then I was able to photograph it.

Pic by Beverly Heacker/Caters News

“I felt pure elation and excitement, and then gratitude that I saw an event that I had always wanted to see.

“The fish continued to fight and try to get free while the snake continued to try to position the fish for swallowing.

“I saw something I had never seen before and have the photos to prove it.  I truly felt blessed.”