Golden eagle festival gives rare insight into ancient culture

Photographs from a golden eagle festival have given a rare insight into an ancient culture that still exists today.

The images, taken in Ulgii town, Mongolia, East Asia, show the eagle hunting traditions and games of the Kazakh people.

PIC FROM Batzaya Choijiljav/Caters News

Photographer, Batzaya Choijiljav, 44, witnessed the festival first hand and saw hunters compete with traditional games including eagle calling, coin grabbing and archery over two days earlier this month.

He added: “I enjoy capturing indigenous culture of the people around the world.

PIC FROM Batzaya Choijiljav/Caters News

“I don’t know how hunters have been keeping their ancient traditions of eagle taming for so long.

“They are brave, strong and skillful.

PIC FROM Batzaya Choijiljav/Caters News

“The famous eagle huntress, Aisholpan Nurgaiv was the first teenage girl Champion of the festival who was competing against the male hunters and it makes the festival most attractive to the world.

“Most of my photoshoots are Mongolia’s nomads, ethnic diversity of people, their culture, heritage and Mongolian horses.”