Goats Caught Jumping Through Desert Sunrise

By Dilantha Dissanayake

Jumping through the deserts sunrise, a squad of goats have been captured on camera.

Photographer, Nachun Weiss, 69, from Tel Avive, Israel, has showcased his mesmerising collection of images which shows the daring goats jumping from rock to rock as the sun glistens down on them at Negev desert, Mitzpe Ramon.

Pic By Nachum Weiss / CATERS NEWS

The photographs show the goats mid-air, as a whole heard and separately, with one of the most adorable photos showing a pair of goats leaning in for a kiss whilst the sun beams down on them.

Nachum said: “I was really pleased with these photographs; I don’t think I would be able to choose a favourite.”

Pic By Nachum Weiss / CATERS NEWS

The pensioner spends a lot of time out photographing nature, and the world around him, often visiting locations to see what he can find.

Nachum said: “I’m a free photographer, and I take pictures all over the world, but I mostly focus on nature.”

Pic By Nachum Weiss / CATERS NEWS