Gnu goes there? Heartbreaking pictures show plucky gnu try to escape hungry crocodiles before becoming dinner

These heart-breaking pictures show a plucky gnu try and escape the jaws of hungry crocodiles before ending up as dinner.

The series starts as three gnus leap into a crocodile and hippopotamus infested river in the Masaï Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

The crocodile makes a meal of the unlucky gnu

The crocodile makes a meal of the unlucky gnu

Suddenly a scaly head launches at one of the straggling creatures and jaws clamp on to its hind legs.

In a vain attempt to escape, the gnu flails its legs to create a splash barrier before finally losing its footing on a wet rock.

Photographer Laurent Renaud said: “It was difficult to watch as the poor gnu failed in its battle to survive.

“About 50 tried to cross the river but there was just this one unlucky one.

“The rest of the herd managed to get to a resting rock in the middle of the river and escape.”

Laurent thinks the gnus made the treacherous journey to get to a fresh patch of grass on the other side.

The French photographer said: “It was not necessary for them to cross the river.

“They did it because they were greedy and wanted the fresh grass.

“They never realize how dangerous the crossing is until the crocodile gets near them.

“By that point it’s too late.”