Gleeful impala performs handstand in front of herd by flipping hind legs into air

A gleeful impala has been caught performing a handstand in front of a herd by flipping its hind legs into the air.

The image – which was captured by wildlife photographer and adventurer Neal Cooper, 53 – shows the impala kicking its rear legs high into the air as it struts its stuff in front of the herd.

The snap which shows the impala balancing on his front legs was taken at the Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa.

PIC FROM Neal Cooper/Caters News

Neal, from  Pretoria , South Africa, said that he took the pic while sitting near a waterhole in the park.

He added: “We were sitting at a waterhole when a herd of impalas arrived.  After quenching their thirst, the youngsters started to run and play.”