Give yourself a round of a-paws! Adorable bear cubs puts on delightful display frolicking with mum and siblings

This little bear cub looks perfectly pleased as he appears to give himself a round of a-PAWS.

The youngster put on quite the display for photographer Barrett Hedges, as he took pictures in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

PIC FROM Barrett Hedges / Caters News

And now, the set of images of the bear cub appearing to play peek-a-boo with Barrett, dancing a jig and even leaping from his mother’s back have thousands of fans after Barrett posted them on social media earlier this month.

Barrett, from Tennessee, said: “It was always a goal of mine to one day get to photograph a brown bearon its mother’s back.

PIC FROM Barrett Hedges / Caters News

“I couldn’t make this happen, but I thought if I spent enough time in the field I would one day have my chance. I was eating supper when I saw a cub on the back down the meadow, and instantly quit eating and hurried down there as fast as I could.

“To my great surprise, the cub continually climbed on its mothers back this evening. I was trying to control my excitement and steady the lens to capture great images.

PIC FROM Barrett Hedges / Caters News

“I knew a night like this would never happen again. The other sibling never climbed on the back, but it was very playful. The two cubs would run around and play in the grass and get pretty far away from mother. They would occasionally stand to look and see where mother bear was. They played for such a long time, and when they stood they would wave their arms trying to balance and see where their mother was.”