Give us a hug mum! Adorable tiger cub won’t leave mum alone

A playful wild tiger cub has been caught on camera giving plenty of attention to his mum – who looked like she had something more important to do.

Photographer, Rituraj Jaiswal, 31, from Maharashtra, India, describes himself as a modern-day Mowgli – having grown up in a village close to the jungle and spending most of his time there.

So he was thrilled to capture the young animal putting its paws around its mother’s neck as it went in for a cuddle.

He said: “Getting this picture is like striking the jackpot, but it also makes me emotional looking at the love and affection between a tigress and her cub.

“The cub must have had the urge to hug its mum, the same way we all do, it got up and give her a tight cuddle.

“The way tigers conserve their energy by staying idle, to the point where they can be lightning fast when need be, attracts me to these animals the most.

“It’s this quality, plus the charismatic aura of this magnificent beast, that makes me want to see him again and again.”

PIC FROM Rituraj Jaiswal/ Caters News

Rituraj describes how his love for tigers has developed over the years – as he has seen more than 300 in the wild, with around 240 captured on camera.

He said: “Living in Khawaja, I always had the easy access to forests around me.

“I picked up this passion four years back, ultimately turning me into an avid wildlife photographer.”