Giraffe’s first steps – baby giraffe comes round after kiss

PIC BY Alf Drosdziok / CATERS NEWS

This cute baby giraffe is taking its first steps in the world – and receiving its first kisses.

The new born was spotted in the Masai Mara, Kenya, struggling to take his first steps.

But after some loving encouragement from its mother, the baby was proudly running around its mother’s legs, while she kept a close watch on the wider world.

The giraffes were photographed by German systems administrator and wildlife photographer Alf Drosdziok.

Alf, 66, said: “We were on our way back from searching for animals at midday, and the light was too dazzling for photos so we decided to take a lunch break.

“Just then, the driver got a call on the radio to say that a giraffe was giving birth near the camp. It was something I had to see for myself, so lunch was immediately cancelled.

PIC BY Alf Drosdziok / CATERS NEWS 

“When we arrived the giraffe had already gone into labour and before long the new born arrived.

“At first when it hit the ground it did not move at all, to the point where I was worried it might not be alive.

“The mother kept on licking her baby and eventually it stirred with great effort.

“After a period of recovery the mum had a go at helping the new born take its first steps.

PIC BY Alf Drosdziok / CATERS NEWS 

“At first it kept falling over, but time is of the essence in the wild and once the midday heat is over, predators start coming out again.

“Fortunately after a few attempts the baby was able to run and, after having had some milk, it looked extremely pleased with itself, running in and out of mum’s legs.

PIC BY Alf Drosdziok / CATERS NEWS 

“Later in the evening we found them again and I was pleased to see them doing well.

“The mother was keeping a close watch over the savannah for any dangers approaching, but lions and leopards are especially wary of giraffes, which can deal them a deathly blow with their large hooves.”