Giraffe disappears behind huge flock of birds

These incredible photos capture a giraffe disappearing behind a huge swarm of birds.

Hundreds of red-billed queleas congregate around the giraffe, and he becomes barely visible, surrounded by the African native bird.

Pic from Bobby-Jo Photography/Caters News

Bobby-Jo Vial, 35, captured the striking images whilst on a photographic safari at the Okaukuejo Waterhole, Etosha National Park, Namibia.

Bobby-Jo, from Dubbo, Australia said: “Many animals come to the waterhole to drink in the middle of the day including millions of Red-billed queleas.

“This highly gregarious little bird is one of the most abundant bird species on earth.

Pic from Bobby-Jo Photography/Caters News

“A lone giraffe was drinking at the waterhole when a very large murmur of queleas completely covered him.

“You could barely make out the shape of the giraffe, and I think that he was a little put out by his feathered friends.

“The sound of a million queleas was incredible to hear and to see them take over the waterhole was spectacular.”