Ginger and proud! Gorgeous flame-haired animals cozy up for adorable photoshoot

Pic from Warren Photography/ Caters News (

It might be the playground bully’s favourite slur, but these animals are proving they are ginger and proud in an adorable series of pics.

The flame-haired beasts buddied up to produce this heart-warming set of snaps.

Photographer Mark Taylor, of Warren Photographic,  spent almost a decade pairing the lookalike animals from different species – and helping them to create the perfect pose.

From an auburn pooch relaxing alongside a similarly-coloured guinea pig to a floppy-eared rabbit buddying up with a fluffy kitten, the pictures will melt even the hardest hearts.

Pic from Warren Photography/ Caters News 

Mark, 52, from Guildford, Surrey, said: “The photos were taken in my studio and it’s taken years to complete the set.

“I wanted to create images that generally created a feeling of love and friendship.

“If I had access to a really nice ginger animal I would ask around my friends and contacts to see if they had anything that would match.

Pic from Warren Photography/ Caters News 

“The best bonding between animals is when they are young, and better still if they have been brought up together, which was often the case with the kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs.

“Puppies are generally easy as they tend to want to be everybody’s friend. Except I found Terriers tend to be too rough and feisty to put with small animals.

“The ginger animals have been my favourites to work with. There is a good selection of types of animals available in this colour, and they’re usually more cheerful than the tabbies, black-and-whites or greys.”