Gibe me a bear hug! Incredible pictures show two beary best friends hugging it out

This is the adorable moment two bears give each other a warm EM-BEAR-RACE.


As soon as the huge mammals spot one each other, they stand up on their back feet and appear to have a big bear hug.

After some time, they return to all four paws and, incredibly, seem to give each other a hand shake.

The wonderful moment was captured by Elliot Barnathan, 61, in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Elliot Barnathan photographing the bears

Elliot Barnathan photographing the bears

The Cardiologist and semi-professional photographer was with experienced guides, allowing him to stand just a few metres away from the bears.

Elliot said: “All previous encounters with bears in my life were always at quite a distance and associated with substantial trepidation.

“However, on this trip, we were with experienced guides who instructed us on how to behave around the bears and what not to do.

The bears shaking hands

The bears shaking hands

“My heart was still racing when I realised how close they were to use! But reassuringly it was peak salmon sprawling season, so the creek was filled with fish and the bear’s bellies were full.

“The whole series was a pretty special one. Especially the hugging image is unusually anthropomorphic.

“I have it a large version in my office and it always brings a smile to my face.


“I love coming so close to something so wild that could literally eat me if he/she chose to.

“Learning how to exist in their environment without disturbing them, and yet being able to record their actions is thrilling.”