Get your paws off of him: Buffalo makes lucky escape after being rescued from lion’s grasp

This is the incredible moment a baby buffalo managed to escape certain death after being taken down by two lions.

Buffalo Escapes Lion Attack

The lion mounts the back of the young buffalo, bring it down to the ground

Seen struggling for its life, the poor creature is pictured being pinned to the ground while the huge predators sink their teeth into its neck.

Buffalo Escapes Lion Attack

After regrouping, the buffalo begin to move in on the deadly predator

But not willing to let their little one become lunch, the buffalo are seen regrouping, ready to fight back against the formidable felines.

Buffalo Escapes Lion Attack

Suddenly a large bull attempts to charge the lion, causing it to leap to safety

After one brave young female makes a charge for the lions, other buffalos begin to take notice, spurring them into action.

Buffalo Escapes Lion Attack

Despite looking a little worse for wear, the baby buffalo manages to get wearily to its feet

Taken by South African, Jay van Rensburg, 53, the experienced wildlife photographer then managed to capture the moment a large bull attempted to gore one of the lions, forcing it to leap to safety.

Spotted on the plains of the Kruger National Park, the young calf is seen wearily getting to its feet as the unlucky lions are chased away.

Jay said: “My heart started racing as I made my way along the road closer to where the action was but I managed to grab my camera and position the vehicle.

“As the herd stampeded away from the fast approaching lion, the young buffalo fell behind and in one swift movement, the lion leapt onto the young buffalo.

“It could be that the two lions had made an earlier unsuccessful attack on the young buffalo as it looked as if the attacking lion knew exactly who his target was.

“The noise and dust caused by around 30 buffalo trying to escape a charging Lion was overwhelming.

“As the first lion struggled with the young buffalo on the ground, the second lion jumped on top and began wrestling with it, trying to deliver the final blow.

“All of a sudden, the herd stopped and a few female buffalos made their way toward where the young buffalo was fighting for its life.

“About four or five female buffalos faced the lion with heads low when from the side a larger bull appeared and charged the lion.

“A second bull then came in from the opposite side and it was as if they helped the young buffalo onto its feet.

“Buffalo have an amazingly strong group bond and when they are confronted with danger, they stand together to face the enemy

“Apart from it being a major adrenaline rush, it was mixed emotions for me, I felt sorry for the young buffalo but this is nature in its truest sense.”