Get ready for your close up! Epic elephant photography shot from low angles

A wildlife photographer has captured epic shots from low angles while snapping these huge bull elephants.

PIC BY Brendon Jennings / Caters News

Brendon Jennings, 47, captured the images whilst documenting his job as a field guide in the Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa.

He pointed his camera upwards at the animals to capture their strength and majesty.

PIC BY Brendon Jennings / Caters News

He said: “It’s nice to put something back to nature through photography.

“Here we have a very large and relaxed elephantbull.

“I try to get close to him because when you photograph him from a low angle, it makes him look more impressive and imposing, justifying their status as immensely powerful animals.”

PIC BY Brendon Jennings / Caters News

Brendon has been interested in wildlife since 1973, frequently visiting game reserves with his family, but started photographing the animals in 2006.

Brendon added: “I get a lot of compliments from friends and family when they see the photographs.

“My best achievement to date is being published in two books which have contributed a lot towards conservation.”