Get on your high horse! Britain’s biggest horse eats two stone of carrots a day and is taller than a transit van

Meet Britain’s biggest horse, which stands at a staggering 12ft tall and munches through 24 APPLES and TWO STONE of carrots each DAY.

12 Foot Tall Horse

On your high horse: Lincoln the huge black shire horse

The mammoth black Shire horse, called Lincoln, was rescued from slaughter by farmer Ruth Blair and James Mackie, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire and nursed back to health – but has grown to a whopping 22 and a half hands high.

12 Foot Tall Horse

The ginormous horse with his owner, James

Lincoln measures a staggering 6ft 10inches at his shoulder blades and almost 12ft from his ears to his hooves and is thought to be the biggest horse in EUROPE- weighing in at a staggering one and a half tonnes.

12 Foot Tall Horse

Life of luxury: Lincoln munches his way through over 2 stones of carrots a day

Five-ear-old Lincoln lives a life of luxury at Tannoch Stables stables in Cumbernauld and he munches through a massive two stone of carrots, 24 apples, 11lb of spinach and five cabbages each day, just to satisfy his huge appetite.

12 Foot Tall Horse

Rescued: The incredible horse was due to end up in the meat trade

Owner James, 42, from who luckily is the boss of  fruit and veg company Fresh Direct, said: “He is incredible- especially with the amount he eats.

“I don’t know how anyone else could afford to feed him!

“Lincoln had been very badly treated, was very emaciated and was going to end up in the meat trade. He was at at least 40 stone underweight with sores, mites and fleas. You name it, he had it.

“When he came to us I thought he was too far gone to survive but he got vitamin injections and got a spark back in his eyes. I knew there was something special about him”.

James worked hard with Ruth to nurse Lincoln back to health, and get him used to being handled and around people.

James said: “Lincoln’s size makes him extremely strong and when I was first getting him used to being around people, I was worried about being kicked or knocked over at least five times a day.

“Lincoln is the biggest horse in Europe and when I put him into the stable he hit his head off the roof.

“He still has a bit of growing to do but already you can’t see over his back if you are standing next to him.

“Sitting on his back would be like sitting on top of a Transit van.

“He is a friendly big horse but so far has pulled down three fences and when I was sat in a golf buggy, he lifted the entire thing up in his mouth”.

And Lincoln will still continue to grow in the next two years- hopefully into the biggest horse in the world, which is just THREE QUARTERS of an INCH taller than him.

James said: “Lincoln is positively prehistoric and now I just want him to be able to experience as many riders as possible.

Ruth said: “Lincoln is a fabulous big horse with a kind, docile nature but has a tremendous amount of power in him. He now has a lifetime home and we are really happy to have rescued him.”