Genius harvest mouse climbs into apple for daytime nap

An adorable mouse looking for a place to sleep finds a bed in a hanging apple.

Dean A Mason/Caters News

Photographer Dean Mason, 50, snapped the inventive mouse nestling into a half eaten apple in nearby Wimborne.

Dean who runs harvest mice workshops and rents out photography hides captured a male harvest mouse climbing inside a crab apple that had been half eaten by a hornet.

Dean from Ferndown, Dorset said: “I began photographing the harvest mouse as he climbed up the branch toward the apple. He then ate some of the apple, before deciding to climb into it and promptly fell asleep.

Dean A Mason/Caters News

“It was hilarious to watch and photograph, I continued taking a few images after he had curled up inside the apple which prompted him to peer out to see what the clicking sound of the camera was.

“Ten minutes later he emerged, ate a little more and then happily climbed back down the branch

Dean A Mason/Caters News

watching and photographing harvest mice always makes me smile and they certainly have the feel good factor.”