Free elf! – ‘Dobby’ fox spotted in South African wilderness

Pic by Mems Carim/Caters News 

Dobby is a free elf! – and roaming the South African wilderness.

A bat eared fox that looks just like the much loved Harry Potter character was pictured in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa.

The nervous young creature was poking his head out of its den when it was spotted by photographer and park guide Mems Carim.

With his pointed nose and floppy ears he closely resembles Harry Potter’s faithful friend.

Mems, 43, said: “The Kgalagadi has been our regular family holiday destination in December for many years now.

**REFERENCE PICTURE ONLY** Pic from Warner Bros/Caters News 

“Driving between Twee Rivieren and Mata Mata restcamps I saw this cloud of dust in the distance. I thought it was the usual ground squirrels, so I was surprised to find this little bat eared fox peeking out of the hole.

Mems said: “They are generally very shy animals but they can be seen regularly in the Kgalagadi. However, a pose with the ears down like this is a first for me.

“Witnessing the very quick moment of the fox peeking out of its hole I decided to sit and spend some time at the site to get an image of at least its eyes staring out.

Pic from Caters News

“I was quite surprised when after half an hour I was able to capture this image of the whole of his face poking out.

“I knew this was exactly the image I was looking for.”