Forget swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas you can now swim with pigs


Pic from Caters News / Wild Pachamama

Forget swimming with dolphin – on this island in the Bahamas you can now swim with PIGS.

Megan Hewitt-Dean, 27, and partner Daniel, befriended the animals on the small Island of Exuma Cays.

Pig Beach is an uninhabited island and takes its unofficial name from the fact that it is populated by a colony of feral pigs that live and breed on the land and in the surrounding shallows.

The couple, who re-located from the UK to Grand Cayman in 2013, spent the day surround by mountains of white sand and crystal clear waters as they swam and played with the piglets.

Pic from Caters News / Wild Pachamama

Megan, a Marketing and PR Manager, said: “Seeing the pigs so confidently strutting around the island was such a unique experience.

“They would walk up and down the beach, taking a quick dip in the ocean to cool off.

“They were very interactive, not shy at all, they seemed to enjoy a little head scratch and loved to be fed by hand.

Pic from Caters News / Wild Pachamama 

“You can tell that the pigs are very well looked after, well fed and are very friendly.

“Our favourite would either be the one of me holding the piglet or swimming with the nurse sharks.

“The experience was incredible, an animal lover’s dream experience.

Pic from Caters News / Wild Pachamama

“We wanted to document as much as possible whilst enjoying every moment.

“Everything was happening so fast. In the space of one day we had ticked off so much of our bucket list.”