Forget a fish supper! Moment kingfisher catches and gobbles down a mouse

Pic by Vivek Banerjee/Caters News

It might be known for its spectacular hunting of fish, but this stunning kingfisher was caught on camera catching and wolfing down a MOUSE.

In what is believed to be an attempt to adapt to an urban lifestyle, this white throated kingfisher is straying away from the rivers for food, and is finding it on land.

The beautiful blue-feathered bird can be seen opening its beak wide, and not having any mercy on the mouse.

Vivek Banerjee snapped this rare sighting in Saharanpur, India.

Pic by Vivek Banerjee/Caters News 

Vivek, 53, said: “I walked out and found this white breasted kingfisher staring intently at some bushes in the vicinity.

“It seemed to be completely focused.

“It swooped down and flew back with the mouse in its beak.

“I rushed upstairs to grab my camera and hurried to the balcony, and found the kingfisher on the same perch with the mouse struggling in its massive beak.

Pic by Vivek Banerjee/Caters News 

“The kingfisher tossed up the mouse and caught it again to disorient it, bashed it against the wall and once the mouse was subdued, flew off with the prize.

“I often see white throated kingfishers at the local railway station perched on water hydrants between the tracks.

“I always suspected that they prey on mice and rats which abound in that vicinity.

“This incident confirmed my suspicion and underlined the adaptability of birds in response to rapid urbanisation and loss of habitat.”