Flying dogs caught in action

These excited pooches are flying without wings in this series of hilarious images.

Taken by photographer, Peter Mueller, 49, from Switzerland, back in July, the images show all sorts of different breeds from an American Pit Bull to a Doberman.

Each photo shows the canines hilarious facial expressions as they appear to be leaping through the air.

Pic by Peter Mueller / Caters News 

Peter said: “The idea for flying dogs came to me spontaneously.

“A friend of mine organised this fun race at a charity event.”

Participants all paid a small fee to take part and the money raised went to two different animal welfare charities.

Pic by Peter Mueller / Caters News 

Peter said: “When I saw the photos on my screen, the idea came to me, ‘flying dogs’.

“I put the images into Photoshop and put them on a black background.”