Floyyd bear weather vs Connor Mcgreggrrrr! Female grizzlies pull no punches in territorial scrap

Pic By Jo McIntyre/Caters News

Female grizzlies were caught on camera making a splash in a terrifying bear-knuckle fight.

Wildlife photographer Jo McIntyre, 38, from Lancaster captured a dramatic exchange of paws and teeth between two female grizzly bears on a trip to Lake Clark in Alaska, USA.

Jo watched the southpaw action when on holiday there with a UK photography group, specifically to photograph the bears during the salmon run.

Pic By Jo McIntyre/Caters News

Jo said: “The images show two female grizzlies fighting one another. The female bear on the left had given two warning growls previously at the female bear on the right while they were out salmon fishing.

“As she kept coming between the female on the left and her cubs sitting back on the sand further up the coast.

“On the third time the female on the left charged at her and they started fighting .

“My favourite captures are the images which show the power of the two bears fighting.

Pic By Jo McIntyre/Caters News

“It was awesome and special to watch unfold in front of us; making the trip a trip of a lifetime, because it’s rare to see female bears fighting there.

“The female bears are fighting one another and then at the end of the fight both bears walk away.

“At one point it looked like the fight could have had a very different end, as one female was pinned down in the water with the other bear on top of her.

“I know it’s wildlife but it was a relief to see both female bears walk away from the fight, or the atmosphere would have taken on a very different sombre tone.”