Fighting lizards hug it out after playful tussle

By Jamie Smith

These two fighting lizards appear to put their differences behind them in a series of adorable snaps which show them hugging it out.

The passionate pair can be seen embracing following a playful tussle in Bhadra Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, India.

Pic by Kishor V/Caters News

Photographer, Kishora Venky, captured the monitor lizards during a jeep safari.

The 27-year-old said: “In this particular reserve the monitor lizards grow really big.

“I have seen lizards that measure up to 3.5 feet long including the tail and the tail is long and strong.

Pic by Kishor V/Caters News

“These monitor lizards have strong legs that can support a heavy body and sharp claws on their feet that helps them run at good speeds and climb trees too.

“The fighting that takes place between males can occur for territory or sometimes for females.

“I witnessed a fight between two big males, this was very serious fight that lasted for more than 30 minutes.

“They wouldn’t leave each other and were trying to bite and roll.

“Their locking technique is superb and their claws are helps for holding grip.”