Festive squirrels celebrate posing next to mini christmas decorations

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News 

These festive squirrels are celebrating Christmas by posing next to a series of miniature decorations.

Geert Weggen, 48, from Bispgarden, Sweden, used his artist flair and photography skills to create these seasonal images.

All captured in the past three weeks, the festive scenes are placed at a nearby forest, hannås skogen, with food enticing the squirrels to explore.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News 

They are wild red squirrels and they all have a diet of seeds and nuts.

Geert, who specialises in squirrel photography, added: “The Christmas scenes are just beside the forest and when I saw the squirrels jumping all over the decorative displays, I knew I needed to capture them on my camera.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News 

“My favourite one is the photo of the one squirrel with a guitar with candles all around it, the lighting was great and to have the squirrel careful posing with both its paws on the instrument was fantastic.

“It’s not easy photographing them, I always I need to visualise the type of picture I’m looking for.

“A wrong placement of food can cost me a whole day.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News 

” I can’t predict if one or four squirrels are coming and there are days where no squirrels are in sight at all.

“But I am pleased with this set of images and it’s nice to share some festive snaps.

“I have also just wrote a Christmas children squirrel book, I think they are fascinating animals.”

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News