Feeling trot trot trot – two little piggies in loving embrace!

Pic by Pallavi Sarkar/Caters News 

These little piggies have certainly found their babes in the woods – after sharing a sweet kiss and cuddle together.

The boar piglets were scavenging for food when one rushed over to the other and appeared to join each other in an embrace.

The cute moment was captured by teacher Pallavi Sarkar near the Kamataka border in India.

Pic by Pallavi Sarkar/Caters News 

Pallavi said: “This is a tiger reserve and I was there on safari.

“The wild boar piglets would roam around in the morning near the camp in search of food.

“As the sunlight poured in the piglets came out, following the mother.

Pic by Pallavi Sarkar/Caters News 

“Suddenly I saw the one rush towards another one and jump up and embrace it.

“They were like that for a while, and it looked like they were hugging each other.

“I wish I could have gotten a little closer to take another shot, but I was too scared of ruining the beautiful moment.”