Fearless squirrel plays dangerous game sneaking up on sleeping leopard 

A brave squirrel risked it all to show a snoozing leopard who is boss of this tree.

Charlie Lynam/Caters News

Charlie Lynam, 58, snapped the fearless squirrel hilariously creeping up on a leopard in the same tree.

Normally a squirrel would be a light snack for a leopard but as one slept a rodent took a closer look at the Ingwelala Game Reserve, Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Charlie from Liverpool now based in Umbabat Game Reserve, South Africa said: “The Leopard had been eating a kill in the tree for over a day. The squirrel popped up out of the blue, a complete surprise.

“I was on a dirt road in the reserve and approx. 40 metres from the tree with the leopard.

“There was no danger whatsoever, the Leopard only had eyes for its dinner and that wasn’t me, it was an impala.

Charlie Lynam/Caters News

“I have to assume that this tree is the home of the squirrel which first appeared when the leopard was awake.

“He was treading very gingerly and being most cautious to stay hidden from the leopard.

“Eventually, as the leopard dozed off, the squirrel appeared to anticipate this and seize the opportunity to get closer and have a good nose at who was trespassing in his tree.

“He was a brave little guy and showed no fear whatsoever. He appeared to sniff the leopard up close before deciding  that was close enough!

Charlie Lynam/Caters News

“It was just funny, a David and Goliath moment and an audacious prank at the expense of the leopard.

“I think if the leopard had known and woken up to see a couple of cars full of people laughing at him he’d have been most embarrassed.

“I’m not sure what his street cred is in the leopard community after this episode.

“I’ve  not seen anything quite like this before but the bush always has a surprise in store!”