F-lion without wings: Loyal mother leaps over stream with cub in her mouth

These are the heart-warming images of a mother lion who refused to leave her cub behind while crossing water.

Mother and cub jump

The lion approaches the river with a cub in its mouth

The loyal mother picked up her cub by the scruff of the neck – hopping over a ditch with the youngster still in her mouth.

Mother and cub jump

The mother then leaps over the river whilst grasping the cub carefully in its jaws

Photographer Walter Dall’Armellina captured the pair who had become separated from their pride.

Mother and cub jump

Photographer, Walter Dall’Armellina, captured the series of images after the lion became separated from their pride

The scenes took place in the Masai Mara, Kenya, where the mother successfully completed the jump to join back up with the pride.

Mother and cub jump

The lioness made easy work jumping the gap and then gentle placed the little cub down on the ground

Walter, 35, from Brescia, Italy, often spends several days at a time following prides as well as individual lions.

He said: “When I realised the lioness was going to jump I put myself in position and waited for the right time to shoot.

“Luckily the lioness was the right distance from me and I was able to shoot the whole scene.

“The emotions are difficult to explain because these are unique scenes, almost impossible to come across.

“Even if I think of it now I get goose bumps.”