Eye of the tiger – Big cats play fight in National park to delight of photographer

It’s the eye of the tiger – these big cats have been photographed while play fighting one another in a national park.

Delighted Amal George, 35, witnessed the moment while visiting Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India.

Pic by Amal George/Caters News

The IT project manager captured the two young tigers both slapping and scratching one another as they raised onto just their hind legs.

Amal, who enjoys taking photographs in his spare time, added: “Tadoba National Park is famous its tigers.

“These images show the subadult tigers playing fighting.

Pic by Amal George/Caters News

“It was a special moment for a nature and wildlife lover like me to watch and it had been in my bucket list for a while.

“I’d photographed the mother of these tigers before I captured these shots.

“It was an exceptional photographic opportunity.”