Extreme dog grooming – Couple develop four hour beauty regime

Pic from Caters News

This pampered pooch is certainly used to the high-life.

With a beauty regime to match anyone in Beverley Hills, Simba the Samoyed is well used chilling through brushes, strokes, and other disturbances.

He’s also quite happy to give owners Sam Kuhner and Mel Xabregas a few kisses for their troubles as they comb, shampoo, whiten, condition, blow dry and fluff him, despite his loathing of water.

Sam, 31, and Mel, 27, developed their four-hour dog beauty regime to keep 18-month-old Simba’s coat healthy.

Although they admit their slightly over-the-top regime is also helps Simba resemble the Lion King character he is named after.

Mel, a chiropractor from Sydney, Australia, said: “As soon as we saw Simba we both said straight away that should be his name.

“The more we groom him though the fluffier and more lion-like he looks which I do love.

“Simba hates water, but he is such a gentle soul that despite hating it and instead of trying to squirm and get out of the bath he just sits there in the bathtub with the most depressed look on his face but still lets us do anything we need to do.

“Thankfully he loves being dried and brushed – often he falls asleep when it comes to the brushing and drying part of grooming.

“If we don’t stay on top of his grooming he gets very matted very quick or his hair is found everywhere throughout the house.

“Simba comes with us everywhere. I work scattered hours throughout the day and Simba either comes with me to work if I work for a couple of hours.

Pic from Caters News 

“Even if I’m dropping Sam off at the airport, or picking him up from work, Simba is in the car tagging along with me. No trip is ever to big or small for him to join us. Simba is a great side kick.

“He is also a very clever and a cheeky jellybean thief. He’s not allowed jellybeans but he absolutely loves them and is Sherlock Holmes when it comes to finding them.”

Along with a 10-15 minute brush three times a day to keep his coat clean and healthy, Simba’s four-hour beauty regime every six weeks involves –

•       Combing, brushing and blowing his coat.
•       Washing and bathing, using shampoo, whitening agent, coat builder and conditioner,
•       Blow dry
•       Thorough full body comb
•       Final fluff up brush