Everybody was kung fu fighting! Meet the real life kung fu panda

Forget Po and Master Shifu – this is the real life Kung Fu Panda!


Following the release of the third Kung Fu Panda film, this cuddly panda bear was caught on camera practising his best karate moves.

The amazing pictures were captured by photographer Shingo Nakamura, from Japan, at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo.

Shingo, 49, said: “I went to the zoo to take some photos of the panda – but I never imagined I’d see something like this!


“It looks so cute walking on two legs – in one picture it looks like he’s chasing food with a stick.

“I think he was actually doing some leg training – they do training with the panda every day keep him fit, but it looks more like martial arts!

“When most people see it they wonder what the panda is doing, it looks quite bizarre.


“It was an adorable moment, I’m so happy I was there to see it.”