Elephants vs man: Heartbreaking images show confused elephants attempting to navigate railway line built through their habitat

These heartbreaking photos show a confused family of elephants attempting to navigate a railway line built straight through their habitat.

Taken by Biplab Hazra in Bishnupur, India, the images show the extreme lengths the inhabitants of the town go to deter elephants from damaging their crops and property.

Pic by Biplab Hazra/Caters News –

As the images show, villagers often resort to extreme tactics in an effort to drive the elephants out – with one shocking photograph revealing firebombs being launched at a mother and calf as they cross the road.

Elephants encroaching out of their habitats is an increasingly common occurrence with deforestation in much of India.

Pic by Biplab Hazra/Caters News

Biplab said the aim of his photography was to heighten awareness about the issues that elephants face with the increasing threat their habitat is under.

He added: “This happen because the villagers have to save their crops.

“There many elephant corridors in human habitations.

Pic by Biplab Hazra/Caters News

“I try to show and spread my photos to increase public awareness on the matter.”