Earning their stripes! Zebra battle thousands of wildebeest in river crossing

These zebras are certainly earning their stripes – battling through thousands of wildebeest to cross one of the Serengeti’s flowing rivers.

The annual migration sees wildebeest move across the plains in search of fresh grazing opportunities.

As they move they must attempt to travel across these frantic water crossings.

Wildebeests and Zebras River

Carnage: Both zebra and wildebeest tussle in the water

But as they did – a smaller group of around 10 zebra were also attempting to cross which left them fighting to make their way through the herd.

Keen snapper Viktoras Dubinskas, 45, captured the scenes unfolding at the Mara river crossing and estimated more than 50,000 wildebeest attempted to cross.

Wildebeests and Zebras River

Both animals try desperately to make their way through the water

He decided to focus on the brave zebra, snapping a series of stunning shots as they battled their way across the river.

Many wildebeest were trampled to death but all of the zebras miraculously survived the crossing.

Wildebeests and Zebras River

The striking colours of a zebra stand out amongst the hordes of wildebeest

One zebra was even dunked underwater for around 30 seconds but somehow managed to escape by biting the wildebeest before swimming to safety.

Viktoras, from Fuengirola, Spain, said: “When I finished shooting my driver and I were left speechless.

Wildebeests and Zebras River

Fight for survival: Both wildebeest and zebras fight their way through the crowds

“I’ve made more than 20 trips to the wild in Africa but nothing I have seen before can compare to this.

“Shooting herds is never easy but when the zebra entered the river they gave us something to focus on.

“When one escaped from the mud by biting all wildebeest around in a panic it was like a miracle.”