“Earning their stripes: Parched zebra come to blows over watering hole

A couple of parched zebras earned their stripes as they came to blows around a watering hole.

While quenching their thirsts with three other equines in Kruger National Park, South Africa, one of the stripy animals slips into the trough.

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Clearly annoyed, the prickly pair immediately butt heads before chasing each other around the parched ground around them.

As photographer Bernhard Bekker, the fighting quickly escalates as each of them aim brutal double kicks at the other’s head.

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Bernhard said: “The zebras looked like they had just popped in for a drinks break and bar fight before continuing on again.

“It was a bachelor’s herd, so no females joined the group as far as we could see.

“We could not believe how strong and tough these stallions were.

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“They took the bites and kicks to the face, neck and body remarkably well without looking dazed for a moment.

“The main instigator had blood coming from his neck and shoulders.

“When males come head to head against each other these fights can often end in death.

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“The fight lasted approximately 15 minutes.

“You always see stallions fighting when it is dry or for dominance around a waterhole or where mares are.”