Dramatic pictures show the brutal moment a lioness takes down a baby giraffe

Anja Kruger/Caters News

These dramatic pictures show the brutal moment a lioness launched a savage attack on a baby giraffe.

The lioness can be seen stalking the oblivious herd of giraffes before pouncing on the youngster and spending 20 minutes suffocating the baby.

The savage moment was caught on camera in perfect clarity by photographer Anja Kruger.

The 32-year-old from South Africa was on a trip to Kruger National Park when he witnessed the epic battle.

He said: “At first we did not know that there was a predator around since all the animals were calm and unruffled.

Anja Kruger/Caters News

“There was a herd of about ten giraffes including three calves. We noticed the lioness who was blending perfectly with the dry grass and who was now a jump away from two of the giraffecalves and a cow.

“I assume that the lioness was laying in the shade under the bush and that the giraffes curiously came closer since they might have sensed that there was something but could not see her.

“Seconds after we noticed her, she jumped on one of the giraffe calves’ necks and brought it down easily.

“She then held it down for about 20 minutes, suffocating the animal who was kicking helplessly every now and then.

Anja Kruger/Caters News

“The other giraffes stood by watching about 50 meters away. They did not attempt to chase the lioness off.

“Everything happened so fast. I have been visiting the park for more than 25 years at least four times a year and have never witnessed even a whole pride of lions bringing down a giraffe.

“We have witnessed many attempts of lion hunts where we would sit ready with cameras and video cameras for hours and in the end it would be unsuccessful.

“This time we were actually not prepared for what was about to happen. Although it was an exciting, once in a lifetime sighting it was also hard and sad to watch.”