Dramatic moment ‘all hell broke loose’ as zebra stallions fight over mare

This is the dramatic moment a battle kicked off between two zebra stallions over a mare.

Stunning photographs show the stallions biting each other and kicking up a cloud of dust at the Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Clint Ralph/Mercury Press

Photographer Clint Ralph, 56, said ‘all hell broke loose’ as the males fought for dominance.

Clint, from Gauteng, South Africa, said: “The primal fight is just so exhilarating. I found it very exciting.

“We were sitting at a Waterhole in Etosha, Namibia. The Zebra herds were coming and going.

Clint Ralph/Mercury Press

“Each herd has a dominant stallion who looks after his mares. Every now and then a stallion would try and steal another’s mare.

“This is when all hell breaks loose with the two fighting for dominance.

“There were hundreds of zebras coming and going that day.”

Clint Ralph/Mercury Press

Dad-of-two Clint, who owns a recycling business, said he was taking people on safari when he got the pictures.

Clint, who has been taking photographs for eight years, said: “I was thrilled with how they’d turned out.

“To capture zebra fighting does not happen every day.”