Dramatic Fight Of Death Between Eagle And Snake Captured

The moment of mortal combat between a bird of prey and a rat snake has been caught on camera.

Sambath Subbaiah, 34, a product manager from Chennai, India, was visiting the area of Tamilnadu, last month, along with his friend Ganesh Jayaraman and his six-year old daughter, Deeksha Diya.

Pic by Sambath Subbaiah/Caters News

Sambath images showcase the impressive rat snake and eagle fighting one another before the short toed eagle inevitably wins, swallowing the snake in one gulp.

Sambath said: “My favourite shot is when the snake was brave enough to strike back and fight off the eagle despite knowing that it could not beat it.

“The images shows the combat between short toed snake eagle and a five feet rat snake in wild.

Pic by Sambath Subbaiah/Caters News

“The rat snake put on a great fight by tangling the eagles feet and neck- it did tried to escape from the grip of eagle multiple times but it was pulled back by eagle majestically.

“It took nearly five minutes for eagle to completely devour the snake -usually these eagles are known for finishing their meals in seconds like noodles but this time nature had different plans.

Pic by Sambath Subbaiah/Caters News

“However this particular instance the five foot snake was brave enough to fight back and it took multiple attempts for eagle to conquer the snake.

“At the end of the day nature is unpredictable and we were just mere spectators.”