Doubly bird-brained – Egyptian geese blend into one

Qaderi Sami / Caters News

This strange creature is doubly bird brained – appearing to have two heads.

Head-spinning photographs show a double-headed Egyptian goose standing on two legs and keeping an eye on both directions.

Qaderi Sami / Caters News

In fact, the perfectly timed pictures are of two incredibly in sync birds pulling the same poses.

Stood one behind the other, the geese are each standing on one leg and appear to merge into the same animal.

The mind-bending images were taken by Qaderi Sami, a communications worker and wildlife photographer from the UAE.

Qaderi, 51, said: “I was at the Al Qudra Lake when I spotted these two geese very close to one another.

Qaderi Sami / Caters News

“As I moved to get a look at them, by changing my position I realised they looked as though they had the same body.

“The illusion worked even better because they were both only standing on one leg.

“The result was one body, two heads and two legs. It was a really fun image to capture.”

The Al Qudra Lake is a man-made body of water in the middle of the Saih Al Salam Desert in Dubai, which is now home to over 100 species of bird.