Double delight as rare reindeer twins are born in Scotland – the first pair to survive in the UK and the only the second in the world

A pair of incredibly rare reindeer twins have been born in Scotland – the first pair to survive in the UK and only the second known case in the world.

The adorable duo were born at the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre – which is home to Britain’s only free-roaming herd of reindeer.


According to the owners they had their first set of twins 30 years ago but sadly one was stillborn and the other only survived for 12 hours.

Since then, they have had two more sets, one in 2008 and one in 2015 but both were stillborn.

There is only one other known case of live reindeer twins being born and that was in Finland in 2010.


Proud mother, Lulu, is one of the older females of the herd at 12-years-old but has to taken to being a mum of multiples brilliantly.

A spokesperson at the centre said: “She is taking everything in her stride and not batting an eyelid at the two little bundles following her.

“She loves them both and lets them feed, however we are giving her a helping hand by offering them a top-up of bottled milk as we feel she hasn’t got enough to sustain two.”


The tiny male calves, who are yet to be named, were born earlier this month (May 8) and spent their first two weeks in a mountain enclosure.

They were being helped to suckle from Lulu in the first few days but are now feeding on their own.

Reindeer herder, Fiona Smith, was the first person to discover the newborns.

She said: “My initial reaction on finding that Lulu had not just one but two calves was complete shock, but now every time I see them it makes me really proud, especially seeing their progress.


“For twins to be born alive is extraordinary. They have a long way to go but their first couple of weeks have been promising.”

A spokesperson at the centre added: “Summer time is crucial for keeping an eye on reindeer with biting insects causing illnesses which the twins will be more susceptible to so their first six months are going to be a rocky road, however we feel they have rallied through their first two weeks so this amazing news can now go public.”