Don’t say it spray it! Cheeky elephants squirts water from trunk in hilarious slow motion video

A group cheeky elephants were filmed squirting from his trunk in a hilarious slow-motion video.

Photographer, Janet Verne Kleyn, from Phalaborwa, South Africa, captured the footage back in April 2017, at the Mashatu Game reserve, Northern Tuli Block, Botswana.

It shows the playful elephants and they spray water from their trunks at the waterhole, something they often do to shower themselves.

Janet said: “I’m always trying to capture elephants playing with water like this with still photography and decided to try out some slow-motion.


“It’s great fun watching them but occasionally, as in the last video, one of them will specifically aim their spray at you.

“Normally I can anticipate this and try to warn quests to move cameras etc well out of the way.

“I always remind them that it is an honor to be sprayed with water by a wild elephant.”