Don’t just stand there, bust a move! Hilarious dancing animal gallery

This hilarious collection of wildlife photography captures various creatures great and small busting a move on the dance floor.

From a pirouetting gorilla to a bear doing the Thriller moves, these party animals were captured on film by a plethora of lucky photographers from around the world.

PIC BY Shayne McGuire/Caters News

One perfectly-timed photo sees a silverback gorilla giving it his best shot at the perfect ballet pose, whereas the tiny lemur seen in another image practices his Saturday Night Fever, giving John Travolta a brilliant run for his money.

Other shots captured by patient photographers see a bear attempting the dance move made famous by the late Michael Jackson in his eponymous Thriller routine, and a panda busting out some kung fu moves, not unlike those seen in Carl Douglas’s Kung Fu Fighting.

PIC FROM Caters News

But it doesn’t end there; talented snappers also managed to catch a pair of frogs recreating the Dirty Dancinglift, a baby giraffe practicing his can-can, and a couple of polar bears doing their best impression of the dad-dance.

Favourites though have got to be the line-dancinglions and the regal leopard, who gets down and dirty with a little bit of a jungle boogie.