Don’t get catty: Hilarious moment mother is made to jump out of the way of playing cheetah cubs

All children can be a bit of a handful at times and these young cheetahs are no different as their boisterous antics left mum ducking for cover.

Leapfrogging Cheetah

The cheetah takes a swipe at its mum

Captured leap frogging high into the air, the surprised mum was forced to move out of the way after the pair’s play fight became a little too rough.

Leapfrogging Cheetah

Lightning quick: The surprised mother begins to leap into the air

After watching her offspring from a distance, the mother-of-two decided to approach the pair to put and end to their rough and tumble.

Leapfrogging Cheetah

Captured in mid-air, the mother cheetah flows over the body of her offspring

But instead of calming them down, the cheetah ended up strolling into the middle of the mischief, forcing her to leap out of the way.

Leapfrogging Cheetah

Taken by photographer, David Schoeman, the safari guide managed to arrive on the scene just as the play time began

Taken by South African photographer, David Schoeman, 41, the moment got quite a few laughs from the safari group he was leading at the time.

David said: “When we arrived on the scene, the two sub adult cubs had just started playing.

“The male cub on the ground was the most active one and his sister didn’t seem too impressed by this game.

“The cubs played back and forth for about five minutes while mum observed from the sidelines.

“Eventually, the mother walked over to join her cubs and one of them playfully took a swipe at her.

“Suddenly she leapt up and over her cubs on the ground to avoid being tagged.

“We were only about 20 metres away from the cubs as they played, it was great to watch.”