Don’t Forget Your Feather Boa! Jazz Hands Owl Gives Photographer The Razzle Dazzle

This jazz hands owl didn’t forget his FEATHER boa – giving a photographer the razzle dazzle with a flamboyant display.

Snapper Ian Howells snapped the tawny owl from a hide he has built near his home in Upper Cwmbran, Wales, on Friday [May 31].

Pic by Ian Howells/Mercury Press

The 38-year-old leaves food out for the animals so he can snap pictures of the birds every day – and was treated to this show worthy of a Broadway performance.

Ian said: “I took this picture from my own hide, I set it up two years ago and the owls come down every night.

Pic by Ian Howells/Mercury Press

“The picture came out absolutely perfect – it does look like the owl is doing jazz hands.

“You can never be sure where the owl will enter, it could be from the right or the left.”