Dolphins look like fighter jets as they speed towards the camera in perfect unison

These three dolphins could be mistaken for fighter jets as they jump towards the camera in perfect unison.

The talented trio were pictured leaping out of the water right in front of stunned snapper, Mithun C Mohan, during the remarkable aerobatic display.

PIC FROM Mithun C Mohan / Caters News

Mithun, 36, was on a boat ride in open sea near the Muscat Coast in Oman when he witnessed the stunning spectacle.

The photographer, from India, said: “I was at the rear end of the boat when we spotted a group of dolphins emerging out of water.

PIC FROM Mithun C Mohan / Caters News

“I got on the floor waiting for the next jump. During the next jump, a group of five dolphins emerged and I was lucky enough to be able to focus in on them.

“It was an amazing experience as the acrobatic display was head on towards me.”