Doing it for the gills: 12-year-old girl catches record breaking giant tuna despite only ever catching mackerel before

A 12-year-old girl has broken a world record after reeling in a 44 stone (280.5 kilos) tunafish.

Despite her biggest catch to date being that of a one pound mackerel, school girl, Jenna Gavin, managed to smash the previous junior girls title of 30 stone (431 pounds) to take the title.

Girls Giant Tuna Catch

What a whopper: Jenna Gavin with her record breaking catch

Much to the disbelief of the boys at her school, Jenna, from Nova Scotia, Canada, fought with the fish for nearly two hours before finally bringing the beast on board.

Caught in the Northumberland Straight, the youngster was out on a trip with her parents chartered fishing business when she felt the first tug on the line.

Girls Giant Tuna Catch

Proud parents: Jenna’s fish mad family were there to give advice and support

The daughter of fishing aficionados, Captain John Gavin and Chandra Gavin, the proud parents shouted words of encouragement but were strictly forbidden to intervene else Jenna would run the risk of disqualification.

But despite her teary eyes and shaky legs, Jenna managed to push through the pain and bagged herself a new world record for her age group (11-16).

Girls Giant Tuna Catch

Record breakers: Jenna poses with, Ken Fraser, the man with the record for the biggest tuna fish ever caught

Incredibly after getting back to shore, Ken Fraser who holds the world record for the biggest tuna fish catch after netting a mammoth 106 stone tuna  (1496lb) happened to be in the area and congratulated Jenna on her accomplishment.

Jenna’s catch has now been submitted for approval by the IGFA and is said to be worth in the region of £2200 (4000CAD)

Girls Giant Tuna Catch

Jenna posing with the tuna fish as it is hauled on board the boat

Jenna’s proud mum Chandra said: “Jenna was thrilled when she finished the fight and was really excited when we pulled it out of the water to put it on the deck.

“The biggest fish she had caught before this was a mackerel which we use for bait, they weigh roughly around one pound (half a kilo).

“The fish was caught just below the surface, maybe 10ft down, our mate saw the silver flash as the fish swam through the water.

“The last 40 minutes of the fight were difficult because the fish was straight down behind the boat and she had 30-35 pounds of drag on her the whole time.

“Ken Fraser was chartering another boat out of the same dock as us,  it was purely coincidence that he was there at the same time.

“I believed she could do it and I knew she had the ability and the strength but I was also aware it was a huge challenge.

“Jenna would agree that it was a difficult fish to catch, the last part of the fight was very hard, her legs were starting to shake and she was getting a bit teary.

“I encouraged her through the whole fight, I promised her an iPad mini if she didn’t give up and I told her to get mad and drag him up and she did.”