Dogs Lead – Dogs drag owners to amazing road trip site!

PIC BY Justin Majeczky/ Caters News

These two huskies are the world’s keenest explorers – dragging their owners along on a campervan trip.

Justin and Cady Majeczky’s canine companions sniffed out some beautiful locations for stunning photos as the four travelled across the United States.

In the pictures the dogs are out in front, leading their owners to cliff tops, shorelines and even hot springs.

The four, from Reno, Nevada, took a road trip from Woodland, California to Pennsylvania to attend Cady’s cousin’s wedding in July.

Justin, a 28-year-old photographer, and Cady, a 27-year-old vet, spent half a year planning a perfect itinerary and renovating a VW Campervan.

PIC BY Justin Majeczky/ Caters News

Justin said: “Cady and I have always had the urge to travel, and we had also casually chatted about the idea of rebuilding the interior of a VW Camper as a fun travel vehicle.

“The wheels really got turning when Cady was invited to be a bridesmaid at her cousin’s wedding. Cady was due to graduate vet school and I was feeling burnt out career wise, so a break to unplug and get away was exactly what we needed.

“Cady took to the task of forming an itinerary, which was hours of work, while we both kept an eye out for the perfect camper van.

“We bought it in December 2015 and were renovating it all the way up until a week before we left, two months before the wedding.”

PIC BY Justin Majeczky/ Caters News

The trip took in a whole host of beautiful sites, including Yellowstone, Banff, Glacier, Zion and Arches National Parks.

With their Siberian huskies Nico and Taj they took in ancient rock formations, snow-capped mountains, deep blue lakes and towering waterfalls.

Justin said: “We wouldn’t say it was a hard trip to make, so much as it took a lot of work to make it happen.

“One of best aspects about taking the dogs is that they are always living in the moment and they are really social and lovable.

PIC BY Justin Majeczky/ Caters News

“Their profession is to be overwhelmingly cute on a daily basis.

“If we were to guess their favourite part, it would be seeing all the wildlife we encountered along the way.

“Every long trip is bound to have some ups and downs, but overall our trip went amazingly well and rather flawlessly.”

PIC BY Justin Majeczky/ Caters News