Dog trainers raise kids with the worlds biggest dangerous dogs

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A family are raising their kids with a pack of the world’s most dangerous dogs.

Marlon Grennan, 29 and wife, Lisa, 26 from New Hampshire, USA live with sons, five-year-old, Jordan, and Jackson, ten months, in a home shared by 36 pitbull dogs.

The unconventional household is the product of Marlon’s protection dog business which he founded after giving up everything to turn a career out of his remarkable talent for dog training.

Marlon said: “I went from having two dogs, to three, to seven, and so on, even caring for other people’s dogs.

“I get a thousand messages a day from people saying they’ve watched my videos and it’s totally changed their perception of Pitbulls.

“All people are seeing is our lives and how we’ve lived in peace and harmony, these dogs just need strong leadership.

“My kids love being around the dogs, I trust them completely.”

These astonishing photos of five-year-old Jordan and nine-month-old Jackson surrounded by one of the four ‘dangerous dog’ breeds banned in Britain.

Marlon is adamant his children are safe despite sharing their home with an army of highly trained security dogs.

Marlon lets his son Jordan in on the action when training protection dogs and as a testament to their discipline, they take it easy on him.

The dogs even look apologetic as little Jordan insists they get a hold of his padded and protected arm.

Marlon said: “I didn’t realise what I was getting myself into eleven years ago. I went from one dog, to two to several.

“I was barely living but the dogs were always maintained, I never let my dogs live in kennels, they live in my house.

“I had one room and a bathroom I lived in there with 17 dogs for about a year.

“I didn’t talk to members of my family for a while because they told me to get rid of my dogs but thankfully I believed in myself to do something special with them.”

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Marlon’s incredible control over his pack of Pitbulls made him an instant hit with his local dog community who he stunned with demonstrations at shows.

Dark Dynasty K9s was soon founded as a dog breeding and training business and one dog in particular made the company to grow beyond Marlon’s expectations.

From the eighth generation in the Dark Dynasty bloodline, Hulk was born and his weight immediately sent shockwaves online as he became known as the world’s biggest Pitbull.

But Marlon’s kids have no problem playing with Hulk – even dressing him up as the movie character while he appears to sit patiently with them.

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Marlon said: “I always believe if you set your mind to something, you can do it through hard work and dedication, I’ve proven anything is possible.

“With YouTube, I realised had a platform to show Pitbulls at their best and I wanted to show people the gentle nature of these dogs.”

DDK9’s social media fame is now making more money from sponsorship deals and merchandise than breeding itself.

Since reaching wide reaching audiences online, Marlon made it his mission to use the platform, insisting that there is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners.

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The entrepreneur who gave up everything he owned for his dogs, preaches strong leadership is all these dogs need to be loving members of the family.

“People who gave me their dogs to look after for a week or so, would take them back and be like, ‘My dog is trained now!’

“If you teach people and show them how dogs in general can behave, it will change people’s whole philosophy about them.”