Dog parents-to-be pose for adorable viral maternity photoshoot – and photographer claims they’re better in front of the camera than humans

An expectant French Bulldog has charmed the internet after posing for radiant maternity photographs with her doggy dad-to-be – followed by an adorable newborn photoshoot with her puppies.

Mother-to-be Gizmo, three and a half, and her doggy darling Steele, two, were just a couple of weeks off giving birth when they modelled for the maternity shoot back in August last year.


And then when their five furry bundles of joy finally arrived in September 2017, the Frenchie family posed up again – this time for a newborn photoshoot to celebrate their new arrivals.

Part-time photographer Macy Siudzinksi had never shot maternity or newborn photographs with dogs before and worried the shoot would be difficult – but said the animals are actually more well-behaved than their human counterparts.

The 20-year-old, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, was delighted when she received the unusual request after posting an advertisement online and said the pooches ‘just knew how to work the camera’.

Macy Roth Artistry / Caters News

Nursing school student Macy, who has just released the images to the media for the first time, said: “I posted an ad online about photoshoots with newborn babies.

“Then I received a request about doing a newborn photoshoot with puppies instead of babies. I laughed and straight away said I’d absolutely love to do it.

“We decided why not pair it up with a cute maternity photoshoot. It was a great idea.

“I thought it would be really difficult, but the dogs were so well behaved. They were the perfect models.

Macy Roth Artistry / Caters News

“They were easier to shoot than newborn babies. I loved every minute of it.

“We did the ones with the dad first, as he seemed a bit crazier than the mum.

“She was a bit slow because she had five puppies inside her tiny belly.

“But even though she was pregnant, she really worked the camera and was a great model.

“About a month later, we did the newborn photoshoot with her puppies.

Macy Roth Artistry / Caters News

“I nearly cried the entire time. They are just so small and absolutely adorable.

“It was quite hard getting all the puppies to line up for a photo, but we made it work.

“I love all animals so it’s definitely something I’d like to do again.”

Gizmo and Steele’s owners Krissi Stranz, 29, and her partner Joey Schueler, 30, said they wanted to commemorate Gizmo’s second and final litter with the special photoshoot.

The couple from Green Bay, Wisconsin, are certified French Bulldog breeders who run their own business ‘Bleu Steele French Bulldogs’ from their home.


Insurance company worker Krissi said: “It was really important to us to have the photos of Gizmo’s pregnancy and of the newborn puppies.

“We plan to frame the photographs and hang them in our ‘puppy room’, which is a special room in our home for the dogs.

“Gizmo and Steele were both really good in the maternity photoshoot.

“We went shopping the day of the shoot and bought all the costumes from the baby section at our local department store. Luckily, everything fit perfectly.

“They were such a gorgeous litter and they’re the same colour as their dad.

“They all went to really good homes and the families who took them still keep us updated regularly and send pictures.

Macy Roth Artistry / Caters News

“We just adore French Bulldogs so much. Their personalities are so insane compared to any other dog I’ve had before.

“They’re so willing to please and just want to be loved.

“Our dogs are like our children. I just love them so much.”