Chilling moment diver comes face to face with dearly shark!

PIC BY John Dickinson/ Caters News

This is the chilling moment a diver comes to face to face with a deadly shark.

Cassie Jensen, 27, from North Carolina, USA, caught the attention of the Tiger shark, known as DJenny, three miles off the shore of Jupiter, Florida.

The curious predator was drawn in by the potential for a quick snack but seemed fascinated by Cassie’s diving equipment.

The Tiger shark is often regarded as one of the most dangerous shark species – but thankfully this one didn’t bite.

The close encounter was also captured on film by videographer, John Dickinson.

Cassie, who described the experience as life changing, said: “I was near the surface and saw her down in the sand 70′ below.

PIC BY John Dickinson/ Caters News

“I felt an instant connection and suddenly she turned up from the bottom and started gliding through the water towards me.

“She trusted me, and I trusted her, it was like we were one being and we looked into each other’s eyes as she came up to touch my camera.

“It takes some time to get the sharks to trust us, but once they feel comfortable they come in really close to check us out.

PIC BY Cassie Jensen/ Caters News

“It was absolutely thrilling.

“I almost didn’t take the shot because I was so entranced by her, but I’m glad I did.”