Disturbing footage shows chained monkey forced to walk on stilts and wear mask to entertain passers-by

By Federico Cornetto

Pictures show a chained monkey forced to walk on stilts, ride a scooter and wear a totem mask for the entertainment of passers-by.

Photojournalist Sutanta Aditya captured images of the unsettling street exhibition on the streets of Medan, Indonesia, last week [Jan 4].

PIC FROM Sutanta Aditya/Caters News

Tragically, the photographer claims this type of show is not at all uncommon in Asian countries.

In this case, the exhibitor dragged the monkey along with a metal chain tied to its neck, made it walk on stilts and ride a scooter while wearing a tracksuit, a hat and an eerie totem mask.

Sutanta said: “Various conservation groups are screaming in protest against monkey street attractions, but really this is a traditional form of art entertainment that is still found in many public areas.

Monkey mask is a traditional art known in various regions of Indonesia.

“It also occurs in India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Japan and Korea.”

PIC FROM Sutanta Aditya/Caters News

According to Sutanta, this type of show involves a handler who trains his monkey to carry out various activities that mimic human behaviour, such as dressing up and going shopping.

He said: “Many of the people involved don’t do it because they are cruel, but because they need money and have no other way to get it.

PIC FROM Sutanta Aditya/Caters News

“Doing this you can get from 75.000 to 150.000 rupees in one day of work, which is between £4 and £8 – good money for them.

PIC FROM Sutanta Aditya/Caters News

“This type of show is played around residential areas, and the audience is mostly children.”