Dirty dancing dolphins perfect routine in Scottish ocean

A pair of ‘Dirty Dancing’ dolphins have perfected their routine in Scotland.

Jason Gines, 49, was visiting the Dunvegan area of Skye, Scotland, when he captured the moment on his camera last month.

PIC FROM Jason Gines / Caters News

The dolphins can be seen jumping in the ocean and appear to perfect the Baby and Johnny lift in Dirty Dancing as they jump over one another.

Jason, a service engineer, said: “The joy of capturing something as majestic and the dalliance of jumping dolphins was truly a dream come true.

“Not some thing one sees every day in Portsmouth.

PIC FROM Jason Gines / Caters News

“I kept my camera on as I was trying to capture a good out of water jump and after 20 minutes it finally happened.

“The patience paid off, this shot hopefully tells the rest.

“I will add the smile on my face stayed with me for a good few days.”